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We will be bringing you recommendations for programs, books and webinars to assist you in your goals. Let us know the information you need. 

The first recommendation we have is for those of you who have indie published books, are thinking of self publishing or who have traditionally published books that are not meeting your sales expectations. We highly recommend Joel Friedlander's book launch toolkit. We want you to be successful and this kit helps keep you organized. We are an affiliate so a percentage of your price does return to WAENet. But we don't charge you for anything so don't judge us!!! We promise to only recommend things we really believe in that we believe are reasonably priced.

We love Joel Friedlander's toolkits because they are really simple to use. Let us know what you think. We want to know if you agree that it is a great value for the price.


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Stephen Lawrence Brayton posted a blog post

Adult Truth #20

“I love the sense of camaraderie when an entire line of cars team up to prevent a jerk from cutting in at the front. Stay strong, brothers and sisters!”I wish I could see this done more often.I didn't need too much time to figure out how this relates to writing. Teamwork. Specifically, support groups in the form of: writers' critique groups, the Posse, and author groups.Critique GroupsI've blogged about these in the past and I've been enjoying a group in a nearby town. The group has about a…See More
Stephen Lawrence Brayton posted a status
Armin narro posted a blog post

Human looking Zombies Post One

The year was some whereinthe 1700sA group of children were sadness as a badge of regretsOrphans by tradeMolested by taskThe Catholic Priests had undone their childhoodCorrupted their thinking and turned them into an Illuminati As these children grew into angry teensThey swore an oath of loyalty to their god ISISThe teens organization grew into a global organizationcomprised of bankers, lawyers, Wall street, media, liberals, Right wingers, left wingers, and othersThe Secret Society of global…See More
Nov 20
Marshall Barnes posted a blog post


Next year is the 50th anniversary of Star Trek. To go along with this anniversary the documentary STDTS: The World's First Warp Drive will be released, which is about the first ever prototype technology to make warp drive a reality. As well as being an intriguing story of a breakthrough scientific development of the ages, it is a 21st century version of the classic of the lone inventor taking on all the usual obstacles and then some, and winning. The international release of this documentary…See More
Nov 20
Marshall Barnes posted a status
"ATTENTION AGENTS INTERESTED IN POP. SCIENCE: Read my blog dated today, for a chance to represent book rights in an upcoming bidding war..."
Nov 20
Stephen Lawrence Brayton posted a blog post

(Not) Missing My Old Job

So, I've been at my new job at Gannett Image and Design for almost two months and I've been asked by several people whether I miss my old job. My answer is a resounding – no.But maybe that answer should be clarified, because saying no implies that I do not miss anything about my old job and that's not true.I thought I'd miss not having earned vacation but that was shown to be not true the first week into the new job.I miss some of the people with whom I worked.I miss the quiet time. And…See More
Nov 20
JD Holiday posted a blog post


Hermann Zapf, A Legendary Type DesignerIf you like to use different fonts, you might like this article, too. I'm always looking at fonts, especially when I'm working on one of my children's books. So this article by …See More
Nov 19
Brian Siguenza posted a status
"Developing a relationship with my readers is key to the book's success."
Nov 17

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